Member Agreement

This is the Member Agreement of AIP ONLINE SURVEYS. We request all Members to read this Member Agreement carefully before they join.
By registering as a Member of AIP ONLINE SURVEYS, you agree to and accept all of the terms and conditions set forth below.

  1. The objective of these rules is to stipulate the relationship of rights and obligations between AIP Corporation (hereinafter called "AIP") and a Member (hereinafter called "the Member") who has been authorized by AIP as a registered online survey respondent in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 2 hereof, with respect to the online research business (hereinafter called the "Business") conducted by AIP.
  2. The Business is conducted by AIP or its third party client (hereinafter called the "Client") for the purpose of providing third parties, such as companies and organizations, with consumer opinions and activities through a webpage created for market research surveys on AIP's website (hereinafter called the "Website") or its third party Client's website. Each Member may respond to the given survey, and the information collected is aggregated and analyzed by AIP or its Client.
  3. Any establishment, amendment, or modifications to this Member Agreement shall constitute as a part of this Member Agreement, which the Member shall consent and comply to, and shall be notified to the Member each time these are deemed to be necessary in a manner determined to be appropriate by AIP.
  4. AIP reserves the right to amend this Member Agreement and any rules and regulations in the preceding paragraph, without obtaining the prior consent of the Member.
  1. The Member must be sixteen (16) years or older, be a resident of U.S., and have completed the full registration process upon agreement and acceptance of the Membership from AIP.
  2. If AIP determines it is inappropriate to accept an individual as a Member, AIP may cancel or terminate the Member registration.
  1. After Member registration, the Member is required to use their designated e-mail address and password, in order to participate in a survey.
  2. The Member shall assume full responsibility for the management and use of the e-mail address and password, issued to the registered Member.
  3. The Member shall not be allowed to assign, lend, or disclose his/her designated ID or password.
  4. AIP shall assume no responsibility for any damage associated with the Member's negligence in using the e-mail address and password, or that by a third party.
  1. AIP shall hold all ownership rights for the Member's registration data.
  2. AIP shall not accept any false data for all items entered by the Member upon registration.
  3. In order to maintain the accuracy and quality of survey data, AIP may contact the Member via their registered telephone number provided upon registration, to confirm the Member's identity and/or the accuracy of the Member's registered data.
  1. The Member shall not conduct any act which is or may be subject to the following:
    1. an act that is offensive to public order and morals;
    2. an act that violates any laws, regulations or ordinances;
    3. an act that infringes upon the copyright of AIP, other Members or a third party;
    4. an act that defames other Members or a third party;
    5. an act that places other Members or a third party at a disadvantage;
    6. an election campaign or similar act, or act that infringes the Public Office Election Law;
    7. an act that disturbs the operations of AIP ONLINE SURVEYS;
    8. the act of conducting a false registration or false survey response;
    9. the act of conducting business that is not approved by AIP;
    10. the act in which duplicate Membership registrations are conducted by the same person, or a registration in which an individual falsifies his/her identity;
    11. the act of disclosing or divulging the contents of a survey to a third party
      (including publication on a bulletin board or website);
    12. the act of illegally using his/her e-mail address or password;
    13. the act of illegally using the Website for profit;
    14. the act of responding fraudulently; and
    15. any other acts that are determined as inappropriate by AIP.
  1. The Member shall use the same e-mail address which has been entered upon registration, when sending and receiving e-mails to and from AIP.
  2. AIP shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the Member by sending and receiving E-mails from an e-mail address which differs from the one entered upon registration.
  3. The Member shall reply to the e-mail sent from AIP, in the method specified by AIP.
  4. AIP shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the Member, by replying in a manner different from the one specified by AIP.
  5. AIP shall not be liable for the contents written in the e-mails sent by the Member.
  6. AIP shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to a Member by e-mails which were not delivered to / from AIP.
  1. When withdrawing from Membership, the Member shall give notice to AIP in accordance with the procedures prescribed by AIP. The withdrawal of Membership shall be completed after AIP processes the withdrawal of the Membership, and the registered personal information of the Member shall be deleted from the database.
  2. If the accumulated amount of EPoints reaches the specified redeemable amount at the time of withdrawal, the Member shall redeem such EPoints before withdrawal.
    If such redemption is not conducted, EPoints will be deleted, and AIP shall not conduct any process such as a request for exchange, inquiries, etc. after the withdrawal.
  1. AIP may terminate the Member's Membership, with or without the Member's consent, if the Member is involved in any of these events:
    1. breaching the prohibited matters set forth in Section 5 hereof;
    2. not performing the obligations set forth in Section 11 hereof; and
    3. breaching any of the provisions set forth in this Member Agreement.
  2. When terminating the Member's Membership, AIP shall delete all rights owned by the said Member on the Website. In such a case, AIP shall not give any notice of deletion.
  1. If the Member causes any damage to AIP or a third party due to violation of this Member Agreement, AIP may request the said Member to compensate for such damage.
  1. AIP shall strictly manage the Member's personal information in accordance with the relevant laws concerning the protection of personal information.
    AIP shall take preventative and security measures so as to prevent the falsification of information, divulgation to persons or groups outside of the company, unauthorized access, etc.
  2. AIP shall not use the registered personal information on the Member other than for the purpose of conducting surveys.
  3. AIP may disclose to a third party the registered information of the Member, without consent of the Member, excluding personal information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., which identifies the Member.
    AIP shall disclose the information that identifies the Member upon obtaining prior consent of the said Member, except for cases in which outsourcing operations are necessary for the aggregation and analysis of material for the relevant survey.
    In the case of outsourcing such operations, AIP shall select a contractor on condition that the contractor meets the same level as AIP concerning the protection of personal information, and shall execute a confidentiality contract.
  4. AIP shall not treat the responses of surveys obtained from the Member as information that is able to identify a specific individual, as the results of the survey undergo a numerical process and are treated as statistical information.
  5. When responding to a survey on the website operated by the Client, AIP shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the Member by his/her handling of personal information transmitted to the Client from the Member himself / herself through such a website.
  1. The Member shall be obliged to:
    1. update the registration data within a period specified by AIP;
    2. not disclose or divulge the content of a survey to a third party (including publication on a bulletin board or website);
    3. not respond fraudulently;
    4. respond to confirmation of the registered data by telephone from AIP;
    5. faithfully respond to confirmation by telephone from AIP, with respect to the content of given responses to a survey that AIP has sent and the Member has replied to, or additional questions.
  1. As a reward for responding to a survey, AIP may provide the Member with an amount of EPoints specified by AIP that is directly exchangeable for a free gift, or for a gift that may be received by process of a lottery.
  2. AIP shall decide the type of reward specified in Paragraph 1, the method of its provision and the period of its provision, for each survey.
  3. If the Member who has EPoints that are exchangeable with a free gift withdraws from his / her Membership in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 7 hereof, the EPoints already acquired by the said Member shall be deleted, except for the case in which they may be exchanged for a free gift in a manner specified by AIP.
    If the Membership of the Member is terminated in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 8 hereof, any and all EPoints already acquired by the said Member shall be deleted.
  4. A lottery draw for a free gift shall be conducted in a manner separately specified by AIP, and the EPoints shall be calculated based on the calculation by AIP.
  5. The free gift obtained in a lottery draw or by exchange of the EPoints shall be sent only to the home address of the Members who reside in United States.
  6. The free gift obtained in lottery draw or by exchange for EPoints shall be sent to the address that has been registered with AIP.
    If the free gift is undelivered due to a flaw in the registration information, AIP shall not resend the said free gift. In such a case, the said EPoints shall become null and void.
  7. When not receiving the free gift after sixty (60) days of request for redemption of EPoints has been completed, the Member shall notify AIP of this event without fail.
    AIP shall not be liable for non-arrival, etc. of a free gift after one hundred and twenty (120) days or more, even if there is no flaw in the registered address of the Member.
  8. AIP shall not be liable for any transaction failures that are the result of incorrect or inaccurate registered bank account information.
  9. AIP reserves the right to cancel provision of survey EPoints and/or Lottery prizes if the survey responses by any member contain falsified data, is deemed as inaccurate by AIP standards, and/or the member commits any other fraudulent act(s).
  1. The Member shall assign to AIP all copyrights for the content of the Member's response to the survey conducted under the Business, and AIP may freely select, modify and edit the contents of the said response. The Member shall not exercise the personal rights related to the said copyright against AIP or any third party.
  2. AIP or the Client, or a party designated by these may use the content of the Member's response to the survey conducted under the Business, and may disclose it without consent of the Member.
    The registration information shall be treated as specified in the provisions set forth in Section 4.
  1. AIP uses cookies for the purpose of reducing the Member's burden of repeating a response to the same question, or for verifying the appropriateness of a response.


    The term "cookie" refers to the data transmitted to the web browser of your computer through the web server, and is read only by the server transmitting the cookie.
    Cookies play a role similar to that of your ID card, and record registration information.
    Note that cookies can neither execute a program nor send a virus.
    Many web browsers are set to accept cookies at the initial settings, but you can display an alarm message for the acceptance of a cookie, or delete a cookie.
    However, you cannot access some websites requiring a form of authentication by setting the non-acceptance of cookies.
  1. AIP may change the whole or part of the content of the Business, may intermit, suspend and discontinue the whole or part of the Business, at any time, without giving notice, with or without the Member's consent.
  2. AIP shall assume no responsibility for any disadvantage or damage caused to the Member by changes in the content, or intermission, suspension and discontinuation set forth in Section 1.
  1. If any dispute between AIP and the Member arises in connection with these Regulations, the Tokyo District Court shall be the competent agreement court of the first trial.

(Supplementary Provision)
Established December 4, 2006