2013 Member Satisfaction Survey Lucky Draw Results


Thank you very much for your continued support for AIP ONLINE SURVEYS.

We thank you for your participation in the "Member Satisfaction Survey" campaign.
During this campaign, members who answered the "Member Satisfaction Survey"
and filled in their [MyPage] Detailed Profile became eligible for a Lucky Draw for AOS EPoints.

We are pleased to announce the winners of this Lucky Draw!

Prize : AOS 1000 EPoints for each winner

Email Gender
pal***@frontiernet.net F
fai***@earthlink.net F
jan***@hotmail.com F
cod***@aol.com F
fpa***@wi.rr.com M
ssm***@yahoo.com F
gma***@sbcglobal.net F
fls***@yahoo.com F
sti***@att.net M
Sue***@aol.com F

Congratulations to the above winners!

We look forward to all of your continued support for AIP ONLINE SURVEYS.